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Wedding Owl Ring Delivery


The Wedding Owl arrives with the ring

...you're standing at the altar with your bride and the vicar asks for the ring then, right on cue, an owl swoops in carrying it!

This is not a fantasy but the reality that we can bring to your special day.


In 2001, a friend was discussing how a work colleague had had her wedding ring delivered to her, in church, by her guide dog.  As he had heard that we supplied owls for the Harry Potter films, he asked if we could train an owl to carry the rings to his best man at his church wedding service in Derbyshire.

The event went so well that, since then, we have been very much in demand, and supplied our Owl Wedding Ring Delivery Service at many church and civil weddings throughout the UK.

Although other organisations now offer this service, we believe we were the first, and are still the best!  With our extensive background in falconry, and animal training in general, we are perfectly placed to help make your wedding day extra special.

The man behind the National Falconry School is James McKay, one of the UK’s leading falconers and animal trainers.  James is a Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, and has many years of practical experience of training a wide range of animals.  James is also to be seen regularly on TV, presenting animal-related programmes, or appearing as an expert  guest.

How it Works

Barn owl in flight

We use a barn owl for this service, as it is small enough not to startle guests, beautiful enough to be stunning, and clever enough to do the job properly.

For best results, we believe that the owl delivery service should come as a complete surprise to the wedding guests, and no mention should be made of this before your wedding.

On your wedding day, owl and handler will arrive at the venue approximately one hour prior to the start of the service.  During this time the handler will train the best man, groom or whoever is going to receive the ring or rings, to ensure confidece with the owl.

The handler for the day will be suitably attired as befits the occasion, and he will wait out of sight until the rings are needed.  When the time comes for the rings to be delivered, the handler will send the owl to fly to the chosen recipient.

Once the ring(s) has been passed on, the handler will leave the area with the owl.

In some circumstances, you may feel happier with one of our handlers receiving the owl; there is no extra charge for this.  Once the owl has landed on the handler’s hand, he will then pass the ring(s) to the best man/groom, before retiring to a more discreet location.
After the ceremony, handler and owl will stay on the premises for approximately one hour, to enable bride, groom and guests to have their photographs taken with the owl.
Suitable venues

We have not yet found a venue which is not suitable for our owl service; even small venues can be suitable.

It is, however, a matter of common courtesy and a wise precaution to check with the venue to ensure that they are happy to have us fly our owl on the premises.


Two wedding rings

Our service is extremely popular, and we get bookings as much as two years in advance.  In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend you book us as soon as you have finalised the date of your wedding.  CONTACT US for current prices.

In order to hold the date for you, we require a non-refundable deposit of £100 (plus VAT), with the remainder being paid at least six months before the event (please also see our standard terms & conditions, available on request).

Bride and groom with their ring delivery barn owl